Extended Warranties

At Polar home supply, we only sell products that come with a manufacturer's warranty.


The typical warranty on hvac systems is one year on parts and 5 years on the compressor - without any labor coverage.








To give you extra piece of mind, we also offer an extended warranty on the parts of certain eligible systems. This will help you avoid big costs if ever an important part in your mini split system fails such as a mainboard. For example, if a ductless mini split system is covered for 1 year on parts and 5 years on the compressor. Our parts warranty will cover your purchase in the following manner:



- An extra year, 2 years or three years (depending on the option purchased)  of warranty on the parts of the system excluding the compressor. (compressors area already under warranty for 5 years and typically last over 10 years) This warranty kicks in immediately after the manufacturer's warranty is no longer valid.


-The warranty does not cover any cost in labor.


- Our warranty is only valid if your installation was done by a licensed hvac professional. You will need to send us the installation details, receipt and contractor information including his license to be eligible.